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Йогическая Жизнь
Инструменты Сознательной Жизни 2016
Инструменты Сознательной Жизни 2015
Инструменты Сознательной Жизни 2014
Инструменты Сознательной Жизни 2013
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Инструменты Сознательной Жизни 2017 - Январь

Инструменты Сознательной Жизни 2016

Yogic Living

1. Yogic Living: Japji - Meditation of the Soul

January #1: Japji—The Song of the Soul

January #2: Coping with Stress and Sudden Shock

2. February: Loving Relationships (with Venus Kriyas)

3. March: Deep Cleansing for Body and Mind

4. April: Shaping Our Future - Our Children, Ourselves, Our Society

May: The 4th Sutra - Understand through Compassion or You Will Misunderstand the Times



Инструменты Сознательной Жизни 2015

Yogic Living

Темы 2015 года:

Январь: Учение в эпоху Водолея

Yogic Living: Teaching in the Aquarian Age

At the Feet of the Master

Yogi Bhajan Lectures:

The Divine Essence of a Teacher

"A Teacher has no territory. A Teacher has no personality. A Teacher has no reality. His only reality is that he uplifts, uplifts, uplifts; he keeps up and uplifts, keeps up and uplifts." read more

On Teaching Kundalini Yoga

"You are the vehicle. A postman is a postman. He's a man with the post. He doesn't start opening the letters and reading them. Have you seen a postman come to your house, ring your bell, open up your letters and start reading them to you? Don't try to do that." read more

The 16 Facets of Perfection of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher

"The higher you grow as a Teacher, the more humble you have to be.

The Teacher always serves the students, so they can become ten times stronger than you, because every student is a Teacher for tomorrow."read more

Kundalini Yoga Technology

Meditation to Develop the Mature, Elevated Caliber of a Spiritual Teacher

Caliber is the total capacity of an individual to communicate and to project one's identity. With a well-developed caliber, you can project yourself into the memory of every person you come across. A Teacher has a caliber standardized with grace, dignity, and the character of a sage - full of tolerance, intelligence, and the power to sacrifice.

The Teacher Within: Tratakam Meditation

Nothing else has the value of this meditation. It is a must for any student or teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan to have an experience of this. The practice is called, "mental beaming." It gives the mind the ability to project to Infinity through the creative power of

the imagination.

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

With Yogi Bhajan Video

The Teacher uses intuition to know directly what is real and what is a diversion. You respond from the Neutral Mind beyond the positives and negatives. You are clear about the purpose and the laws of each action. A complete Teacher is not an instructor. The Teacher is the expression of Infinity for the benefit
of all.


Numerology Forecast forJanuary 2015:

Kindred Spirits & Common Causes

By Nam Hari Kaur

"We will find ourselves overlooking our differences in favor of creating a unified spirit moving towards a common goal. It is now about creating a coalition of consciousness that will raise the awareness in the collective psyche of the planet to the point where no one is left out or victimized in any way."


From Our Bloggers

The Teacher is Eternal

By Catalyst Yogi

"The next time someone comes to you for guidance, be patient and take a moment before answering to allow the Teacher to move through you. No censoring, no filtering-just speak the energy of Truth. "

Your Favorite Teachers

We asked you to tell us who your favorite Kundalini Yoga teachers are, and why they inspire you. Thank you for helping us feature these teachers, and thank you, teachers, for the divine work you are doing!

How Kundalini Yoga Saved My Life

By Akasha Kaur

"Only disciplined meditation and yoga practice created any noticeable changes in me. I would come to class with the usual negative train of thought that followed me around like a rain cloud, and come out of class feeling like the sun had risen on my horizon."

Wherever a Soul is Listening

By Tarn Taran Kaur

"As in the days when Yogi Bhajan heard the calling of our souls, saw our destinies, and told us to become teachers, many of those who are practicing Kundalini Yoga today are able to hear that call, and go out and teach in the spirit of humility and service."

Being a Teacher

By Shakti Parwha Kaur

"Every evening before Yogiji sat down on the teacher's bench in Los Angeles, he would stop at the altar, hands folded in prayer. One time I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was praying: 'Oh Guru Ram Das, I'm just a nut, please teach this class for me.'"

The Aquarian Teacher:

A Consciousness of Hope

By Pritpal Kaur

"As Aquarian Teachers we hold the soul of the student in the cocoon of our consciousness. The person has not come in our presence to love us or even to have us hold their hand. We are always there to stand perpendicular to the ego. Our eyes, our words, our presence and our silence must penetrate to arrive at the destination of elevation and awareness."

Kundalini Co-op in San Francisco

By Seva Simran Singh

"The Kundalini Co-op is the first California worker-owned yoga cooperative. One of the local teachers and community organizers had the seed inspiration for a yoga organization in which everyone works together and owns part of the organization: a worker-owned yoga cooperative! And with this combination of focused energy and events the Kundalini Co-op was born."

Flu Season Ginger Lemon Drink

When mixed together and taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, this yogic remedy, is said to really wake you up and help you stay healthy during the cold and flu season.

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Февраль: Любовь и семья

Март: Материнство

Апрель: 3-ья сутра эпохи Водолея - «Когда время давит на вас, действуйте - и напряжение спадет»

Май: Опыт летнего солнцестояния

Июнь: Присоединяйтесь к нам на Садхане, посвященной летнему солнцестоянию

Июль: Йогический образ жизни 3НО

Август: Садхана, Арадхана, Прабхупати

Сентябрь: Спокойствие и молитва

Октябрь: Жизнь в общине

Ноябрь: Исцеление тела, разума и души

Декабрь: Благодарность



Инструменты Сознательной Жизни 2014

Январь - Учитель Эры Водолея,

Февраль -  Бескорыстная Любовь

Март - Человек и его ощущения,

Апрель - Очищение и йогическая Диета

Май - Ади Шакти - первородная сила,

Июнь - Летнее солнцестояние и вторая сутра - преодоление любого препятствия,

Июль -  Жизнь в обществе

Август - Духовная и общественная деятельность,

Сентябрь - Мир внутри и снаружи,

Октябрь - Сознательный человек

Ноябрь - Йогический подход к избавлению от вредных привычек.

Декабрь - Интуиция

по материалам; www.3ho.org



Инструменты Сознательной Жизни 2013

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